Looney Tunes CGI

This came out a while ago, but I finally found it on YouTube. It’s a Looney Tunes CGI short using a song Mel Blanc recorded before he died. It’s nice to hear his voice again. I’m impressed with the animation. They really did their homework on this one. They even created some new CGI techniques to mimic what the old animators like Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng and Bob Clampett did. You can also find a couple of Roadrunner Shorts they made before this on YouTube as well.

According to this interview on AWN, Jay Redd says “I grew up on the Road Runner cartoons like everyone else and so being able to take Chuck Jones’ work into three dimensions was an honor, and also a huge challenge. To not just make 3-D versions of the characters, but to inhabit the spirit of the way Chuck Jones’ work was done. When you start deconstructing the work that he and his animators did, there are all sorts of things that are happening in-between frames, and in-between cuts. How would you recreate that stuff in three dimensions? Working with the Reel FX team, we developed a bunch of different methods for creating, say, motion blur in 3D, without using “motion blur”. In a Chuck Jones drawing, you might have six versions of a hand going by made out of paint strokes. How could we actually make that happen in stereo?”

Basically, most people would have incorporated real motion blurs for fast movements. But to keep to the spirit of Looney Tunes (and animation IMO) they actually created different models for the motions blurs so the characters have the hand-drawn feel.

Daffy’s Rhapsody is also on YouTube but it’s a recording from a camera in a theater. It’s a really good short, but I hope it comes out on DVD soon.


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